Turning three

Today, February 4th 2014, marks the three year anniversary of openredis. The original announcement is still accessible, and it feels good to see that the core values outlined in that message still apply.

We are a bootstrapped small business and our goal has always been to provide reliable Redis hosting at a reasonable price, and to be open about our decisions and technology stack. While at some point we decided to close the source code of the website, all the components are and will always be free open source software: Cuba, Shield, Armor, Nobi, Ohm, Ost, Redic, Mote, Requests, Scrivener and Malone are the building blocks we have created and shared with the rest of the community.

During this time we have met a lot of great people and now we have more than a thousand customers. We like to keep their identities private, but if you guys are reading, thanks a lot for working with us. We are witnesses of how smart the Redis community is.

A huge thanks to all our programmer friends that have helped us in many different ways. We were very lucky to have Aaron Swartz as a customer in the early days of the project, and we will always be grateful for his advice. And of course, nothing would have been possible without Salvatore Sanfilippo and his amazing work.